Why I lie to my employers about my diagnosis

I have an HR meeting this morning, Dear Reader.

Not at this second. At this second I’m about to start a virtual sales meeting with the Florida office, something we have every week. My loony bin meeting is scheduled for 11 o’clock this morning, eastern standard time.

Why do I call it that? Well, it’s the inevitable meeting I have with whatever company I’m working for this month after I have an inevitable nervous breakdown during business hours. These breakdowns are the result of borderline triggering and subsequent splitting.

Splitting is…

Part 1: Bensalem

October, 2019. Bensalem Pennsylvania.

Would you believe that I wasn’t always The Gigconomist, Dear Reader?

I had been a real estate agent. Albeit I couldn’t afford many of the tools I needed to successfully compete in a busy market of agents, I do have a natural inclination to help someone else feel like they’re comfortable and have power in a negotiation, when they really don’t.

In other words, I’m a master manipulator. I’m a salesman.

At that time, I had nothing to show for it. I was living in a weekly motel in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. I had…

A Rebuttal to the CEO of Uber from One of His “Contractors”

Dara (The CEO of Uber, Inc.) sent me an email the other day, and I’m sure many of you received it as well.

The email is self-congratulatory, mentioning “changes” and other words that were a vague promise of a better gig-conomy for all of us.

In an additional and brazen act of self-promotion, Dara linked an op/ed he wrote for the New York Times.

So, I read through his article, and I’m less impressed with you than I was before, Dara.

I know you’re the head of a…

Let me start by writing thank you, Dear Reader. Tonight you’ve made a very important decision. Thanks to this pandemic this might be your first night out in months. Maybe you’ve hung out with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you’ve spent so much time with your family that you needed a night on the town. Whatever your reasons, taking a ride share home while you’re intoxicated is the smartest thing you could’ve done for all of us.

Yes, rather than risk a DUI or killing someone else or yourself, you called for a ride. You called…

The Gigconomist

I’m a gig-worker who suffers from borderline personality disorder. I’m also a published author with four years worth of short stories to his name.

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